7/22 Allentown Hiking Club Shelter (16.5)

July 27, 2013 at 12:46 pm

Today included some of PA’s nicer views. We went by an observatory and a cliff overlooking smooth, rockless farmland today.



It was a nice break in our green tunnel, and the ridge has started to open up more since then, affording us more views. The terrain is still difficult but it feels like we have an end in sight now for Pennsylvania.

Spare rocks for when the crews come out to re-rock the trails.

We caught up to Greenlight and First Gear at the Eckville Shelter and were told by the Southbounders that the trail ahead apparently has rocks in it.  The good news is we’re staying bug free and well hidden with our new bug nets!


Thanks Grandma Santoski!

We hiked our last mile today amidst the first drops of a thunderstorm, but made it to the shelter just in time for the real rain to start.  We found a full crew at the Allentown shelter.  There were ten very smelly hikers crammed into the shelter along with two miserable looking honeymooners who hadn’t gotten the memo that it was thru hiker season when they started their section hike.  It felt like a festive end to our day.