7/28 Rain Day!

July 31, 2013 at 6:35 pm

The rain had a lot of personality today. It was on and off, heavy and light, and at one point it trapped me in a privy for ten minutes. We decided after an hour of deliberating that we were going to wait it out rather than spend the next few days drying out.

Limey, of course, had packed up and left early. We pictured him stoically slogging through the torrential downpour, his British flag hanging limply from his wet bag. Then we walked to the center lodge at the campground with our belongings and found him huddled under the front porch with Peewee German (who looks a lot like Peewee Herman, if he were blonde and German). Limey asked us if we wanted to split a room, but we had a better idea and called our Scrantoski cavalry. Uncle Bob and Aunt Laura saved us from the thru hiker fear of being wet and whisked us away back to Delaware Water Gap.

We spent the day with them and, actually, Limey, who caught a ride with us and was promptly adopted by Bob and Laura, who seemed impressed by his urbane manner and desire to shower. 
Of course, we took him to an Irish pub:


…where the lighting was very bad for picture taking. It’s possible they just wanted to get rid of us after Limey kept standing and yelling “God save the Queen” during dinner.

After depositing Limey in the basement of the church, we walked some of the scenic Appalachian Trail with Laura and Bob!


They were not very impressed.  But, we had a great day not hiking!  Tomorrow we will have to get back to normalcy…

Thanks Aunt Laura and Uncle Bob!!