Loves America

Loves America

During the summer of 2013, Mark was a 27 years old.  Today he is still the same software developer, ham dancer, and life enthusiast.  Underneath his brittle pragmatic shell he is pure whimsy.  He loves cats, especially obese ones, orders the Sunday paper for the crossword, and is a master of pub trivia.  He reads frequently, fixes everything that Maggie breaks, always does the dishes, and builds fantastic blanket forts.  Residing deep in the wilds of the cubicle jungle, armed only with a power crystal and an infantry of stuffed animals, he longs often to be outdoors in a world of tangible accomplishments.  Yet even under the influence of fluorescent lighting, Mark harbors a fierce but patient determination.

Friend of fowl.

Friend of fowl.

Modest in scope but not in accomplishment, his smaller adventures include:

  • Braving the tourist mobs while hiking into the grand canyon.
  • Spending four weeks in a car on the most inefficient route across the country.
  • Drinking in memory of John Steinbeck in Salinas.
  • Offending Texans with his morbid curiosity about the South.
  • Abandoning everything he knows to explore the moist, tepid Seattle and its surrounding beauty.
  • Numerous hiking and camping trips throughout the White and Green Mountains of New England.
  • Surviving all of Maggie’s great ideas.

The AT is his first thru-hike, though hopefully not his last.



Maggie braves the wilds of the PCT


Maggie, better known to her friends as Magnum, was a veteran of adventure at the age of 26. With infectious optimism and unbridled enthusiasm, Maggie does not just embrace life, but openly taunts it, demanding challenges beyond what mere vocational pursuits provide!

This one time, Maggie rode her bike from Maine to Washington state. It took her and her traveling companion about 3 months to make the trip, battling mountain ranges, food deserts and the Dakota headwinds.

This other time, Maggie joined AmeriCorps as part of a trail crew on the northern section of the Pacific Crest Trail. She moved rocks, crosscut logs, rebuilt trails and performed all the other inglorious behind-the-scenes work required to maintain a long distance trail. She also hiked this little hill called Mt. Adams.


Between such excursions, Maggie works as a baker, slipping in trips for rock climbing, hiking and camping whenever time permits. This is her first thru-hike as well, and it is an opportunity she has looked forward to for years.